Servette FCCF did it! The Grenat became Swiss champions thanks to their triumph against FC Zürich in the Playoff final! They achieved the feat of doing the double after their victory in the Swiss Cup. This Sunday, May 26, 2024 will remain engraved in the Club’s history books!

There are Sundays that are forgotten, and there are those that mark the history of a Club forever. This Sunday, May 26, is a date that neither the staff, nor the players, nor the supporters and followers of Servette FCCF will forget. This Sunday, the Servettians became Swiss champions and confirmed their exceptional season. They signed a historic Cup-Championship double there. Yes, Servette FCCF is the best Club in Switzerland currently and the team will play in the Champions League next season.

This grand end to the season underlines the work done over the years by the managers, the staff, the training and the players. If the ultimate success remains the fact of lifting trophies, it is perhaps in this progression and this professionalization of the Club that the real victory really lies. Servette FCCF wants to be one of the country’s flagship clubs in the long term and not just for a few seasons.

To lift this new trophy this season, José Barcala’s protégés played a benchmark match. From the start of the game, the Genevans took the game into their own hands and quickly created danger in front of the Zurich goals. Sandrine Mauron and Therese Simonsson came up against the opposing goalkeeper. But it was only a postponement since this same Sandrine Mauron was able to burst on a precise cross from Joana Marchão. The Swiss international was quick to open the scoring (23rd). The Servettians could have doubled the lead a few minutes later, but a point-blank shot from Imane Saoud went just above the cage (45th). Instead of seeing the score evolve to 2-0 for the SFCCF, Zurich took advantage of stoppage time to equalize (45th + 3). It was therefore at 1-1 that the two teams returned to the locker room.

Stunned, the Garnets left the pitch frustrated. With what face would they return to the field? That of a team that dominated the season? Or that of a team that doubts? The response did not wait since Cassandra Korhonen quickly made it 2-1! On a cross from Thérèse Simonsson, the Servetti n°9 was able to regain the ball to give her colors the advantage. The Servettians then fell back a little and they were able to keep the Zurich women away from Inês Pereira’s goals. The pressure was nevertheless intense and the emotions were very present.

But as in the Swiss Cup final, it was Rimanté Jonušaite who was able to make the goal safe. Having just entered the game, the Lithuanian international overtook the entire Zurich defense after a through ball from Élodie Nakkach. And in front of the opposing goalkeeper, she did not tremble to score the 3-1 (81st). The message was said, nothing will stop this team, they wanted victory too much.

Thank you to the supporters who followed the team throughout the season. Congratulations to the players, staff and managers. This victory is that of a family, a people, a city and a canton. And the story didn’t end there.

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