Super Sport Company Celebrates Partnership with RCE Rowing Club Erlenbach at Annual Gala Dinner

Erlenbach, November 4, 2023 – It was a night of celebration and collaboration as Super Sport, took center stage at the annual gala dinner of the RCE Rowing Club Erlenbach. The event marked a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership, as Super Sport reaffirmed its commitment to supporting local athletes.

Super Sport, the proud sponsor of the RCE Rowing Club Erlenbach, was warmly welcomed at the club’s grand gala dinner, where athletes and supporters came together to celebrate a successful year of achievements. The evening was filled with camaraderie and appreciation for the club’s dedication to the sport of rowing.

At the event, Super Sport showcased its commitment to the club by offering RCE rowing athletes an array of exciting incentives. Attendees were delighted to learn that they would receive free products from Super Sport, tailored to enhance their athletic performance. Moreover, the company introduced a special 10% discount for their first future purchase, ensuring that the athletes could continue to benefit from Super Sport’s high-quality sports and fitness products.

The collaboration between Super Sport and the RCE Rowing Club Erlenbach is a testament to the importance of corporate sponsorship in supporting grassroots sports. Super Sport’s dedication to the development of local athletes has been met with enthusiasm from the club and its members.

In a statement, Super Sport’s success manager, Kaloyan Anastasov, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership, saying, “We are proud to stand alongside the RCE Rowing Club Erlenbach in their journey towards excellence in rowing. Our commitment extends beyond financial support, as we want to ensure that the athletes have the best equipment and resources to help them succeed.”

The annual gala dinner was a fitting occasion to celebrate this flourishing partnership, highlighting the shared vision of both Super Sport and the RCE Rowing Club Erlenbach to foster the growth of local rowing talent.

As the club’s athletes look ahead to a promising future with the support of Super Sport, the collaboration between the two entities continues to thrive, setting a positive example of the impact of corporate sponsorship on community sports.

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