The Servettians are in the Final! Thanks to a draw at La Fontenette against YB in the return match, they will play the title match for the third time in a row! And for the third year also, the Genevans will meet Zurich in the final!

Today’s mission was simple: keep YB away from Inês Pereira’s cage. Indeed, after triumphing 4-0 over the Bernese, Servette FCCF was in an ideal position before this return match. José Barcala’s players did not have to concede 4 goals, without reply, to secure a place in the final. And the mission was perfectly managed by the team. If YB pushed at the start of the match to put pressure on the Servetti goal, truly dangerous actions were rare. The Genevans, for their part, did not rush into the attack because it was not up to them to make the play. However, Rimanté Jonušaite could have shaken the nets in the first half.

0-0 is the score at first tea, this score allowed the Geneva staff to rotate the squad. Thus, Spälti, Schnider and Zogg were able to set foot on the field, while Saoud and Marchão remained inactive (both were under threat of suspension). Servette FCCF negotiated the second period well despite the growing frustration in the Bernese ranks (5 yellow cards and one red). Sandrine Mauron and Therese Simonsson tried to give their fans a goal, but unfortunately, the ball was missing a little bit to end up in the net. Regardless, the objective is achieved and the Servettians reach the championship final.

They will play for the title next Sunday in Thun (Stockhorn Arena) from 3:15 p.m. The opponent will be FC Zurich Frauen, as in the last two finals. They defeated Basel with a victory (2-1) and a draw (2-2).

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