Course, style, objectives, José Barcala, new coach of the SFCCF gives himself up to the official website of the club at the dawn of the recovery.

Hello Jose, first of all welcome! What are your first impressions after signing?

First of all I would like to thank the efforts made by Richard and Sandy for my arrival. From the first moments, they made me understand that I was the ideal person for this project. My first impressions are very positive, the club has been doing a great job for several years regarding the women’s section and we want to go even further in this great project.

For people who discover you, could you present your background?

I have always been a coach focused on pedagogy and the training of new talents, which I was able to practice for 8 years within the training of Deportivo La Coruna. I then decided that I wanted to discover new horizons and so I flew to Australia where I was able to work for Brisbane Roar FC with the first team and the U18s. I then had the chance to work alongside Pedro Martinez Losa for two seasons in Bordeaux. A fantastic coach who opened the doors of women’s football to me and with whom we have achieved great things together. I also have this project with the Scottish national team which is a medium/long term project and which is progressing very well. And after 4 years in women’s football, it was time for me to take another step forward in order to have my first experience as a head coach.

You already have a good knowledge of Switzerland, what attracted you to the Servettian project?

On the one hand, there is the history and prestige of the club, but also the project, which I really liked and motivated. I also really appreciated the very professional side of the people who run the club. I think it’s the perfect place to work. This new stage came about completely naturally for me. It is a real privilege to represent this club.

The first training of the season is fast approaching, how are you approaching these first deadlines?

For me it will first be important to know the people behind the players before gradually starting the technical part and progressing from an individual and collective point of view in order to bring the team to the highest standards nationally and internationally. It will go through many hours of work, dedication while giving the best of ourselves.

Do you have your own style of play?

I like having a pro-active, dominating team with but also without the ball. In my opinion, dominating a match means dominating the different areas of the field. If the team is precise in the last third and uncompromising defensively, we will be able to dominate the games. In each match there are very different moments to which you have to know how to adjust. It is therefore important to be solid and professional.

What are the objectives set for the coming season?

Servette’s objectives are always to be in a position to win all the titles. But before claiming to want to win titles, you have to convert into a team that deserves to win titles. To do this, we must focus on performance and on a culture of excellence.

A word for our supporters?

My wish is to be able to be in contact with the supporters. Let the fans be proud of the team and let more and more people come to the stadium. I hope we will be able to create this connection, this chemistry with the supporters and to generate moments of joy between us.

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