The Servettians return to the championship against FC Zürich after their qualification in the 1/4 of the Swiss Cup against Schlieren.

The Servettians return to the Super League this Saturday against the leader, FC Zurich Frauen. A high-stakes match which will take place on the side of Sportanlage Heerenschürli, only one point separates the two teams fighting for the lead in the championship. Two teams who are also and above all fighting for the final title. Advantage to the Zurich women on this side who have won the last two editions. Nevertheless, the Servettians are capable of transcending themselves in the face of something formidable. Last season, however, leading 2 to 0 at the break, the Genevans were able to draw on their resources to turn the situation around and win 4 to 2. A few months before eliminating FCZ in the semi-final of the Swiss Cup in front of more of 2,500 people at Les Arbères in Meyrin.

The Grenat team is a main competitor for the title of Champions this year, as evidenced by the excellent performances acquired against the teams at the top of the ranking and also in the Swiss Cup where the Servettiiennes were able to qualify for the 1/4 finals against the FC St. Gallen. The meeting will take place at the Stade de la Fontenette on the weekend of February 17-18 next year.

It is therefore a real shock that is being prepared for the Sportanlage Heerenschürli this Saturday, November 18 at 4 p.m.

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