Without trembling, the Servettiennes mastered their subject at Grünfeld by winning 4-0 against Rapperswil.

For its first trip of the year, the team led by Éric Sévérac did not make a mess. If the Garnets had a little trouble getting into the game, finding themselves in an offside position several times, they were able to count on a Coumba Sow in great shape to score his first two garnet goals. The addition could have been more salty if Padilla had not seen his stung ball saved in extremis on the line by the Saint-Gallen defense.

After tea, the Garnets take the game on their own and multiply the offensives on the cage of Rapperswil. Nakkach, Clemaron and Padilla will create a few chances to increase the score. This is only a postponement. It is therefore logical that Servette will widen the gap a little more in the last ten minutes through Padilla, also author of a double.

After the draw conceded against Zürich at La Fontenette, Servette returned to victory in the league before a difficult trip to Zürich against Grasshopper.

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