At Sportanlage Allmend, everything was not easy for the Servettiennes who provided the essentials by winning 1-0 thanks to a goal from Padilla.

After the cup against Küssnacht, the Servettiennes were back in central Switzerland, but this time to face FC Lucerne for the championship. And all was not so simple for the Garnets.

After 10′ of play, Servette already created a good opportunity to lead, but Padilla saw his shot was stopped by the Lucerne door. A chance that the locals would respond to a few minutes later, but Fulger’s strike was too slow to worry Pereira. The Servettienns could have celebrated the opener before half-time, but Clémaron’s shot crossed the crossbar on its way.

It’s after tea that everything will speed up. Lucerne first creates an excellent opportunity to open before Mauron sees his shot blocked by the defense. It was once again Sandrine Mauron who we found a few moments later with a perfect cross for Padilla’s head which opened the scoring. This same Padilla who will serve, three minutes later, Clémaron whose strike shaves the post. Then, the domination is total on the side of the Servettiennes. Padilla, Korhonen, Schnider all tried. In vain. Servette finally wins 1-0 and has a seventh straight victory in the league before the reception of YB this Saturday.

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