A head and shoulders controlled match for our Servettians who won their first victory of the season against Aarau with a score of 3 to 0.

The first 20 minutes served as a scout for the Servettians. Firstly, a long shot from Tufo a quarter of an hour into the game pushed the Garnets to look for the opener. A goal which will fall a few minutes later on a corner from Imane Saoud which captain Monica Mendes will send to the back of the opposing cages. Serrano and Korhonen will find the Argovian amounts before tea while Imane Saoud could even have benefited from a penalty at the end of half-time.

Returning from the locker room, Clémaron collects a second yellow card synonymous with red. At 10, the Genevans continue to dictate their law and even score two goals in the space of two minutes through Simonsson and Saoud. The first city therefore scored its first goal in the Servettian colors and could even have celebrated a double but its shot found the Aarau post.

Rarely worried, the Servettiiennes celebrate their first success of the season and will return to the Fontenette on Saturday September 16 for the reception in Rapperswil.

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