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Carlos Nassar won the European weightlifting title

Bulgarian athlete Carlos Nassar once again proved his class on the international stage by defending his European weightlifting title in the men’s 89 kg category. The competition, held as part of the European Weightlifting Championships, was the scene of his outstanding achievement – setting a new world youth record in the throw with an impressive 176kg.

The 19-year-old showed exceptional skill and strength, reaching a total of 391kg (176kg in the throw and 215kg in the push), securing the gold medal. This achievement puts him well ahead of his competitors, which include Italy’s Antonino Pizzolato and Moldova’s Marin Robu, who finished with silver and bronze medals respectively.

Carlos Nassar went through three successful attempts in the throw, with his final attempt of 176kg not only securing him the title in the throw, but also setting a new junior world record. In the clean and jerk, his first attempt at 208kg, followed by 215kg, further cemented his dominant status in the weight class.