What is victory to you?

“Winning for me is a feeling that is hard to describe. It would be difficult for a person to understand it if he had not experienced it. This feeling makes you want more and more, it motivates you and shows you that there is something to fight for and keep going, aim for and conquer greater heights and never give up. Of course, I like winning and I will do my best not to change that anytime soon.”

Bozhidar Sarabojukov is a Bulgarian athlete who competes in the high and long jump. In 2022, he won the silver medal in the long jump at the Balkan U20 Indoor Championships in Belgrade with 7.42m, then he finished eighth in the high jump at the Balkan Indoor Championships in Istanbul with 2.05m and climbed to 7.55m in fifth place. in the long jump. In 2022, Sarabojukov became Bulgarian indoor champion in the high and long jump.

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